Saturday, 11 July 2009

First Day of School

Pictures from Walkabout London and Hard Rock Cafe

Our professors gave us guided tours of our choice.
view of London Eye from Waterloo Bridge
I did ‘Walkabout London,’ a tour that included Covent Garden, a cool street market. Leicester Square, the theatre district. Prof pointed out the Back Stage doors at the theatres where you can sometimes meet the cast to famous plays. My bachelor’s degree is in Technical Theater, so there will be more theatre-related blog entries to come! National Gallery and Trafalgar Square, monuments of Admiral Nelson and the lions. Number 10 Downing Street where the Prime Minister lives. The Horse Guards at Whitehall.
Queen's Guards
From a little distance we saw Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Took the red double-decker bus back to the dorms in Waterloo. Later, I went with some classmates to Hard Rock Café. It was the very first Hard Rock Café. Lots of Rolling Stones and The Who stuff!
the original Hard Rock Cafe

Pictures from Walkabout London and Hard Rock Cafe


  1. As you know I love Hard Rock Cafes. I think London is the first one I went to. That was in...January 2002 and then again in December 2002.

  2. I'm on a mission for Gail to get a Hard Rock Café shotglass in every city I visit. So far, I have two!

  3. I managed to get shotglasses from Hard Rock Cafes in London, Edinburgh, Paris and Amsterdam!